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More than 3 billion people in the world have never heard the Gospel - not even once.

But who cares?

As my friends and I have traveled the world, faces that these statistics represent have looked us in the eye and asked: "What's this word... Jesus?" or "Which one of you is Jesus?"

And it has wrecked us. 

If we can put a face with a people group or a statistic and somehow personalize the billions who have never heard of the Savior, then maybe we, the Church, would do more about it. 

We want you to feel their lostness.
We want you to join us in doing something about it.
We want you to write your own story from outside the boat.


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about the author
John Andrews

After playing college basketball, John taught in public high schools and coached multiple sports teams for almost a decade. On his first overseas mission trip, while he was teaching and coaching, almost twenty-five years ago, John encountered people face to face, who had never had a chance to hear the Gospel before. God burdened him for the nations with some barrier to ministry.

John has over 18 years of international coaching/sports development experience. He has led over 60 sports mission projects to more than fifteen different countries, using ten different sports. 

John's passion is to see people come to know Christ, both locally and around the world, and to see Christians boldly stepping out on faith to follow Jesus in the adventure He has for their lives.
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